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A fusion of music and art focused on the stories of artistic creation. Artists live paint whilst the musician performs and both artist and musicians talks about the process through a series of audience led questions. It is an experience for both the audience and the artists as everyone is completely in the moment to the point you can hear a pin drop. Couch Sessions is a true, raw, and enrapturing exchange between lovers of art and the ones who create it.

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2022 Tickets

Olivia Ortiz Nov 12, 2019

Single tickets to the shows are NOW AVAILABLE,

2022 Passport Tickets are Sold Out...

Click the link ABOVE to purchase single tickets to our 2022 Series. A thank you to our sponsor FAFO this year for supporting the arts portion of this event.

Showtimes: 7pm-9pm

Showtimes: 7pm-9pm


Olivia Ortiz Nov 12, 2019
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Throughout our community, there are hidden spaces. Places you wouldn’t normally go, perhaps overlooked, hidden by secret doors, lush gardens, or off the beaten bath.
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